Baby Snacks! Does anyone else feel like their baby eats more than your average adult? These growing cuties are always munching. Snacks can be a great time to give your baby added nutrition, but sometimes it feels easier to just give them processed foods. Read on for fresh ideas for filling those baby snack cups and pouches!

Snack Cups

Snack cups are fun because they can walk around with them, ride with them in the stroller, or tote them outside without making a huge mess since they don’t spill. But sometimes we don’t put the *most* nutritional foods in there, and I get it! It’s easier.

Instead try these ideas to freshen up those snack cups and add a little more nutrition to baby’s diet while still avoiding the mess (keeping your baby’s developmental stage in mind as far as what size pieces they can handle).

  1. Cooked Peas
  2. Cooked Butter or Lima Beans
  3. Fresh Blackberries
  4. Fresh Blueberries
  5. Chopped Grapes
  6. Chopped Cherry Tomatoes

Refillable Pouches

Stock those refillable pouches with fresh ingredients, like:

  1. The Easiest Applesauce Ever!
  2. DIY Fruity Yogurt Blend
  3. Baked Sweet Potato – just add a little water to make it flow!
A Person Making Smoothie Using a Blender


  1. Smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies, plant-based milk, and a touch of protein are such delicious, healthy snacks for parents and babies. If my smoothie for me is thicker, I add a little water and smoothie to his ezpz mini cup with straw and we’re still able to share. Have you subscribed to Chick & Sprout yet for fresh smoothie recipes sent straight to your inbox? Now’s a good time :)

Healthier Packaged Foods

And finally, try these easy to grab and pack pouches for when you’re on the go, but don’t want any added sugar or weirdness. For packaged food, the front of the package tells you nothing. Check out the back and look hard for Added Sugar (right under “Total Sugar”) and try to avoid Ingredients listed like Cane Sugar, Fruit Juice, or things ending in “ose.”


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