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I’m so happy you found Chick and Sprout, and hoping it inspires you and your baby’s journey to experience and eat new foods that help them thrive. I’m a mom to Sweet Baby Russell, and at around month 5 when he grabbed a banana out of my hand and shoved it in his mouth, Dad and I embarked on our journey to feed him the freshest, healthiest, and most dynamic little diet we could. And we are still learning as we go! Russell eats anything hunted, caught, grown, or bought from our local farmers. Our hope is that he and all children grow up to be independent eaters of real food, and take these habits learned here into early childhood and adulthood to effortlessly lead a healthy life.

Since gardening with my grandma as a little girl, I’ve had a passion and love for fresh food. The smell of tomato plants still reminds me of her, and this blog centers on recreating those precious moments with my own child. Most of my adult life I’ve had a garden of some sort, frequented the farmers market and had a ball in the kitchen whipping up fresh dishes. Now married to a master sportsman, our family gets to eat what he hunts and fishes in North Carolina woods, lakes and surf.

My 9-5 for over a decade has been connecting young children with fresh, local food, so they care about where their food comes from and eat it every day. I’m on a mission to help all children grow up with healthy habits, and I’ve seen first-hand how Farm to Table is the best way to do that. It provides fun, dynamic experiences for children to appreciate real food, care about where it comes from, and eat it, so they grow up healthy. Our children can prosper and grow into adults wealthy and wise in a number of ways, but if they don’t have health, they are not living to their fullest potential. So let’s give them this gift.

On this blog you’ll find meal inspo for babies and the whole family using local, fresh food, and some of my reflections, lessons learned, and ideas for enhancing baby well-being. These years are children’s first experiences with healthy foods that will help them grow up strong, so let’s make them positive!

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