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Smash up whole fruit with yogurt for these deliciously simple, healthy, and fresh snacks for baby! With no added sugar or preservatives, you can feel good about offering these pouches.

Photo of Strawberries Near Cream

Yay for strawberry season! There’s nothing like a ripe, fresh strawberry, they are so soft and sweet – perfect first foods for babies. This recipe for refillable pouches is a fun way to preserve this flavor of the season, but is easily adaptable to whatever fruit you have in your fridge or freezer.

Why not just buy pouches? While buying pouches is very easy, I do find them to be an expensive snack, and often packed with added sugar. No matter how alluring, “Organic” and “for baby” the front of the pouch indicates, it is not typically a very healthy snack because of all the sugar and additives.

I have found a couple at COSTCO that I pick up occasionally so we can have some pouches available in a pinch – Applesauce and these Organic Fruit & Veggie pouches. When checking the ingredients they have NO added weird things, and in looking at the sugar levels there is sugar but no “Added Sugar” so those are my two check boxes when buying packaged, potentially sugary food. But I also like making them because it’s waayyyy cheaper and I know exactly what’s in them!

So this recipe was inspired by some Strawberry yogurt I saw that did in fact have yogurt and fruit in it, but also 11 grams of added sugar. I know! it seems like you’re just grabbing a healthy easy snack for your child who you love, but packaged foods can be so deceiving. They’re often packed with juice and juice is nothing but sugary fruit without the actual benefits of the fruity fiber the whole food version offers. Y’all, 11 grams is a LOT of sugar, especially since fruit is ALREADY sweet, especially for a baby. That is almost 3 teaspoons of sugar in one serving:

Yikes! Why is 0 added sugar the goal? Our microbiomes (more on infant microbiomes here) are all the tiny things in our bodies (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc…), but they have a big influence on gut health, brain development, and basically our whole physical, mental and emotional health. Sugar, simply put, wreaks absolute havoc on this pivotal aspect of our bodies. Babies in particular ages 0-2 are forming their microbiome and we have only 1,000 days to develop the strongest foundation for lasting health that will follow them into adulthood.

And, I think about their little taste buds that are acclimating as we speak to sugar levels and that what he eats now he will love forever, it’s like his little taste buds’ footprint that will be with him throughout his life. That’s just how I think of it, but a lot of parents want to limit sugar for a whole host of reasons- it makes their child wild, and cranky, not as fun to be around and hard to put to bed. Whatever the reason, this simple concoction is cheaper than the standard pouch and much healthier.

* End sugar rant * – back to the recipe – Russell loves Plain, Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. It’s tangy and not sweet, but it just goes to show foods do not have to be super sweet for babies to like them, and they will eat what they are familiar with and offered regularly. When eating at home for meal times, pouches aren’t super necessary, we just put the yogurt and the fruit on the plate and he eats it right up.

But this recipe is specifically designed for pouches. I’ve tried a LOT of reusable pouches, made a lot of messes, and these Hakaa pouches are by far my fave. They are larger than most standard plastic pouches, they are not plastic, and they are SO easy to fill and re-seal. No frustrating Ziploc zipper situation or making sure you only fill it half-way up so it doesn’t squish out.

The key is just making sure your mixture is pourable, because there is a pretty big spout on these you can fill at the top. To do this, I first use an immersion blender. It gets everything super creamy. This blender came with a mixing cup but I lost it forever ago, so I put everything in a NutriBullet smoothie cup and then put the immersion blender wand in there to mix.

For frozen fruit it’s a perfect mixture with this ratio – 1 cup yogurt: 1/2 cup fruit, because you get all those natural juices in there from unfreezing the fruit. If I’m using fresh fruit, I also mix in 1/8-ish cup of water to make sure it pours right into the pouch. Having a clumpy mixture is how you get a huge mess with refillable pouches.

Then, you can fill the pouches right up and store in the fridge or freezer, easy peasy! I hope you enjoy!

Photo of Strawberry Yogurt

Easy Peasy DIY Fruity Yogurt Pouches

Blend fresh fruit and yogurt for these deliciously simple. healthy, and fresh snacks for baby! With no added sugar or preservatives, you can feel good about offering these pouches.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Servings 2 pouches


  • 1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Fresh Fruit
  • 1/8 cup Filtered Water


  • Add fresh fruit and water to yogurt, either in the yogurt container or in a large cup like from a NutriBullet.
  • Blend with your immersion blender, ensuring mixture is clump-free and easily pourable.
  • Pour mixture into 2 clean, refillable pouches, and refrigerate or freeze.


This recipe is designed to fill 2 refillable pouches, and works with any type of fresh fruit. You can also thaw out frozen fruit, either for one minute in the microwave or overnight in the fridge. If using frozen fruit, leave out the water and simply keep the added juices that emerge from unfreezing the fruit.
Pouches can be served fresh or frozen for later.

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