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Conventional wisdom is that exposing babies to peanut butter “early and often,” can actually help prevent the onset of allergies. Our pediatrician told us this and you can read more from Solid Starts about introducing the potential allergen. The advice is still to start small, but are there more fun ways to serve peanut butter to babies than mixing it with water? I say “Yes!” Read on for my homemade peanut butter recipe and 5 fun ways to introduce peanuts to baby.

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Making Your Own Peanut Butter for Baby

When we first introduced peanut butter to Baby Russell at around 5 months, we mixed it with water and gave him a spoon to make sure we were on the up and up. All good. Phew! So from there we started to feed him nuts in more creative ways, starting with making our own nut butter.

Honestly when Russell was little bitty, I started buying Justin’s nut butter straight from Amazon because it’s amazing what I’ll do to avoid strapping him into a car seat. Plus there’s no extra salt or sugar, though there is palm oil so that’s your call. But if you’re motivated it’s also super easy to make your own nut butter with local peanuts, especially in NC!, and it’s a ball for baby.

The Recipe

Just throw in some dry roasted, unsalted peanuts or almonds into a high powered blender like a Vitamix, and Voila! It mixes right into a smooth and creamy nut butter.  I love making things like this from scratch because less ingredients mean less question about what weirdness is in your food. Plus it’s another easy way to support local farmers and entertain baby while you get something done – my favorite combo.

Babies love the noise and anything with an on/off button is endless entertainment. Running the blender you can talk to your baby about what’s in it, what it’s making and how you’ll use it. This activity is so simple sounding but so thrilling for little ones. Plus anything they make themselves, they are invested in and can’t wait to try!

5 Yummy Ways to Introduce Nuts “Early & Often”

The traditional way of mixing them with a little water so they don’t stick to the roof of baby’s mouth got a little boring. I remembered my bestie from college literally couldn’t even be around peanuts because of her allergy – even other people eating them nearby. So I started thinking that even cooking with nut butter for smaller exposures would be enough to do the trick.

Once you’ve made your butters, here are 5 nutty recipes for your little peanut.

  1. Add a dollop of nut butter into smoothies. Nut butters elevate smoothie flavor and consistency, just add a spoonful to your favorite recipe!
  2. Mix in a tablespoon or two into oatmeal for extra flavor. When heating up the milk for rolled oats, throw in a big spoonful of your favorite nut butter. It’s a great flavor alternative to salt or anything sugary, and pairs so well with fruits! Check out my Purple Oatmeal Recipe here.
  3. Mix it in yogurt. If LO has already been successfully introduced to dairy, mixing nut butters in with plain yogurt is such an easy (non-sugary) way to add some flavor. Check out my strawberry yogurt recipe here, a dollop of peanut butter would be an amazing addition!
  4. Mix it in a stir fry. Throw together some spring onions, fresh squash, broccoli, soy sauce and some PB for a little baby stir fry!
  5. Make a nut butter dip for veggies. Fork-tender, steamed pinky-sized veggies are a tried and true food for baby led weaning. But after a few introductions it can be fun to mix up the flavors. Add a touch of soy sauce, chicken broth, and coconut oil to your nut butter for a fun dip and an interactive veggie experience.

Homemade Peanut Butter

Yes it's this easy to make your own peanut butter! No added oils, salt, sugar, or sweeteners are necessary, making this recipe perfect for the youngest family members.
Prep Time 4 minutes


  • 1 Can of unsalted peanuts


  • Pour your can of peanuts into the blender, and blend on high speed until you reach desired consistency.
  • Enjoy!


This easy process can be repeated for any nut – try almonds or cashews! You can also add honey for older children, or for a different flavor try some coconut oil, cinnamon, or cocoa powder.

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