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It really is so easy! Babies, kids and everyone loves applesauce. I was so excited about discovering a way to make it that didn’t require simmering forever and adding a bunch of sugar to the mix. Sugar can be lurking in many pre-packaged foods, so I love making “baby food” from ingredients I know and love as much as I can, like this applesauce made from fresh apples.

person holding four red apples

I will say, be prepared for an apple sauce that tastes…like apples. It doesn’t taste like sugar, to me it is so yummy and tastes like the real deal. I am really trying my darnedest to make sure baby Russell’s palate doesn’t just develop to love everything sweet, but is more well-rounded, so this type of recipe works well for us. And fruit has enough sugar in it already. It is nature’s candy, and apples are nature’s toothbrush. What a winning combo! Lets go.

I’d keep this flavor in mind when choosing which apples to use, and perhaps use milder apples, like most darker red apples. Or do a taste test with your kids and see which one they like best! Want a sour treat? Go ahead and throw in a Granny Smith. We used apples straight from our apple tree, we are so fortunate to have this one tree that’s been hanging on for at least 20 years. Russell had so much fun picking these apples this fall and winter, and I swear they last forever in our fridge. With the seasons changing we’re doing a little spring cleaning and making sure our root veggies and winter stuff like apples are all used up, so this was a great way to whip up something delicious and store it for future snacks.

apple sauce recipe

To make this applesauce, simply cut up apples and throw them in your Vitamix or heavy duty blender. The peels have so much nutritious magic and flavor in them, so I leave them on. This reminds me of another pro of this recipe – Babies can’t usually chew and eat the peel super well, and this is a fabulous way of helping them not just eat the flesh but the most nutritious part of the fruit – the peel.

Add in some filtered water to the blender to make it go, and it’s really as easy as that! Serve it with a spoon at meal time, or freeze it for later. Freezing it will make for easy snack prep, so fill up ice trays, special baby food trays, or reusable pouches to stock your freezer.

What to use some farm fresh apples? Check out this Apple Picking map for NC. So excited to hear what you think!

apple sauce recipe

Easiest Applesauce Ever

Such a quick recipe for delicious, healthy applesauce with only apples…no added sugar needed!
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Servings 4


  • 4 Apples
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon (Optional)


  • Core the apples and toss the slices into a blender, peel on.
  • Simply add the water and blend until smooth!
  • Blend in cinnamon if desired.


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