I was so excited to read this lovevery blog post about ways to teach your very young children math concepts. We know reading to our babies helps them learn language skills, but talking to them about math concepts might feel a little more foreign. Luckily, cooking and eating with children is such a fun way to both familiarize them with new foods and to learn math language. A win-win. Plus when you throw in supporting local farms, we like to call that a triple win! Just look at these beautiful farm fresh tomatoes of all different sizes…

red apple fruit beside green and red grapes

Here are some ideas to get the math lingo going as you prepare some delicious farm fresh food with your LO:

  • Talk size! This tomato is bigger than that tomato. That tomato is smaller, it is little, etc.
  • Talk length. “This carrot is longer than that carrot, so that carrot is shorter.”
  • Talk quantity. “We have a lot more blackberries than we do tomatoes for dinner! There are less tomatoes on your plate than blackberries.”
  • Talk numbers. “We have one egg in the pan, we are adding two more…one…two, and now we have 3! One, two three.”
  • Talk measurement. “This recipe calls for 1 cup of oatmeal and 2 cups of water, let’s measure these quantities together. Awesome! There is now double, or twice, the amount of water than oatmeal in this pot.”
  • Talk shape. “These tomatoes are round, like a sphere and a ball, and this melon is cut into a rectangle.”

One thing I love about local produce is all the variety. Russell’s grandma is fortunately one of the best fruit and veggie farmers around and grows so many different sizes and shapes of produce. Right when Russell started to learn to crawl I left him across the room from a box of her tomatoes, oops! Although I did learn that day he can handle chewing and eating a grape tomato on his own 🙂 Here he is exploring small, medium, and large tomatoes, and having a “ball”. Pun intended!

What are other fun ways to talk math to baby?

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