Okay I realize I talk about chickens a lot! But there’s just something about babies and animals together, am I right? Russell is just naturally drawn to our dogs, birds and butterflies in the garden, and yes, our chickens. When he was first teething and nothing could calm him down, going outside and looking at the chickens running around was the saving grace. Now as soon as we head for the door and the crying stops and the soothing begins. Ahh the calm of the outdoors, there is nothing like it.

I love the idea of children learning where their food comes from, of course, and that doesn’t only go for fruits and veggies coming from the soil, plants and trees, but also where our delicious breakfast eggs come from every morning. When children know where food comes from, care, and have an appreciation for it, they are more inclined to eat it. Bonus points if they help prepare it. Well, all the research shows this too but I absolutely love seeing it in action, especially with my own son.

This sweet picture was taken right after William brought home his second batch of chicks to raise (or was it the third?). Russell was about 2 months old. These sweet little ladies were cuddling and getting warm under the light and Russell was helping daddy take care of them. He is mesmerized isn’t he? And at the same time that he’s chilling out, hanging out with his pets he is learning sooo much. He watched these little cuties grow up, day by day, and now he helps us gather their eggs.

basket of eggs

We take the eggs from the coop and put it right in the pan! I’m getting really good at one handed egg cracking so he can watch what mommy is doing in the kitchen.

sunny side up egg on black frying pan

We eat eggs just about every day. It’s such a quick and easy protein for the morning, and there’s so much you can do with them! Quiche using all your leftover veggies, french toast, toad in the hole, fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs…and all of this so safe and delish for baby. What egg recipes am I missing? Would love to hear yours!

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