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A nutritious go-to that keeps in the fridge if needed and can be eaten in a million recipes or alone, I love keeping baked sweet potatoes on hand for baby. This recipe features some pro tips for making them as delicious as possible!

Just being honest…I’m not the best at meal prep, maybe this will be my 2024 resolution 🙂 So keeping healthy items on hand that don’t spoil quickly, that I can pull out of thin air and feed to my child is the best for me – plain oatmeal, greek yogurt, eggs, frozen berries, and sweet potatoes baked and ready to grab and reheat – is super helpful for me. They are delicious alone, or featured in recipes like salads for mom, quesadillas, oatmeal and smoothies (Subscribe to our newsletter to receive free seasonal smoothie recipes right in your inbox!). Sweet potatoes were one of his first foods and we offered them frequently – he loved them, they were nutritious, and when I was still getting my bearings with feeding him solids and baby-led weaning, this was something I could easily offer with no stress.

Little baby Russell is only 7 months here eating this little meal! So cute. I love feeding him outside because we all need more fresh air and it is so much easier to clean up. Leaving the sweet potato in a huge chunk like this helped him pick it up and maneuver it with his own two little hands. One of the many reasons I love baby-led weaning, it’s so empowering for them to be able to feed themselves and eat what they want from what is offered. It is much more likely that he will be curious about what is in front of him and want to eat it, than if I was to jam spoons of different items in his mouth that he had no clue what they were or where they came from.

These ezpz mats he is eating off of here are the best. A dear friend who owns 3 of the best child care centers in Raleigh gave it to me when I was 8 months pregnant and I had no idea how much I would use it! I am so grateful she turned me onto them, because it takes a little guesswork out of the serving size. Just put a carby/starchy food in the smiley, and each eye is a protein or a fruit/veg (above we have unflavored, greek yogurt as the protein and local blackberries as the fruit). Plus these mats stick to all the surfaces…something that is just not true for all bowls advertised as sticky! I don’t know if Russell is just a strong baby or what, but all other brands he would just pick up and literally throw them off the table.

Okay I’m off my ezpz and BLW soapbox! Back to sweet potatoes – this recipe is obviously super simple, because with farm to table it doesn’t have to be all fancy with a million ingredients, it just means eating closer to the earth. Less processed foods, more real foods that come from the ground.

North Carolina has sweet potatoes coming out of our ears thanks to our amazing local sweet potato farmers, and we love supporting them. NC is such a large producer of these nutritional powerhouses that chances are, wherever you’re reading this, you also eat and purchase our state’s sweet potatoes, so thank you!

Not to brag, but I have friends that have cool jobs – like North Carolina’s sweet potato expert, and they have shared some handy tips for us in this recipe. For example, placing the potato into a cold oven and leaving it as the oven preheats makes it even more rich and delicious as it slowly releases those natural sugars. And be sure to turn the potato over halfway for a more even bake.

Also, did you know sweet potatoes freeze really well? Especially if mashed, they can be reheated in a microwave and taste exactly the same! So easy. A sweet treat you can feel good about, I’m in, and so is Russell!

Does your baby love sweet potatoes too? How do y’all eat them!?

Baked Sweet Potato

With no prep and a lot of nutrition, this quick recipe is great for serving a fresh whole food to baby you can feel great about.
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Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 1 hour


  • 1 sweet potato


  • Wash unpeeled sweet potato, place in oven
  • Turn on oven to 400 and bake for 1 hour or until potatoes start to smell sweet delicious. For best results turn potato over halfway through cooking.
  • Cool and enjoy!


Placing sweet potatoes in the oven while it’s still cold allows them to heat up slowly, and they will release more natural sugars this way for a delicious, sweet, potato. Exact timing depends on the size of your potato, but when the aroma fills the kitchen, they are ready. Make sure you can pierce them all the way through with a fork.


  1. 5 stars
    We LOVE sweet potatoes- literally ate them last night with bbq chicken and broccoli. I have a question: should we be concerned with heavy metals? I’ve read online sweet potatoes have high levels of heavy metals. I just try to offer everything in moderation. Love the post!!

    1. Hi! Wow that dinner sounds delicious! I think the heavy metal scare is more in jars of baby food, but I’d love to see what you are finding online. Fresh, whole veggies will pick up what is in the soil around them (which is why soil health is so important!) so you can make a safe bet with local, organic veggies that they are healthy for you, and for baby! I’ve done some asking around and I will email you more of what I’ve found, thank you for your comment and your share! Love hearing from you <3

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